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we're so happy to catch-up with you after a long time! The last months have been very busy and as SMART4ALL has reached its peak and progresses with many activities, we're getting back to you with a new type of newsletter: that is the vertical-oriented newsletters (one per each application area of SMART4ALL: Digitized Agriculture, Digitized Transport, Digitized Environment, Digitized Everything). Since there is plenty of events, success stories and other news we want to share with you, we built thematic newsletters, trusting that you will enjoy receiving updates according to the area of your interest.

Let's start with Digitized Agriculture! Read on to discover more!
 Digitized Agriculture winners
On the 3rd round of SMART4ALL Open calls (KTE, FTTE, CTTE), 4 more projects from the Digitized Agriculture application area were selected - 1 KTE, 1 FTTE and 2 CTTEs - all of them including at least one partner from SEE countries (in specific Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia). An amount of 248 K Euros has been allocated  for the execution of these PAEs.
Discover more on SMART4ALL website about the projects:
Marketplace services & partnership opportunities
As the SMART4ALL network is expanding and the Marketplace services are enhanced, Marketplace users are offered more opportunities to find tools, services and training material related to Digitized Agriculture, while, at the same time they can easily search for potential partners among 108 members with relative occupations using the Matchmaking tool for targetted search.

We kindly invite you to visit the Marketplace Repository to explore, among 19 artefacts, the tools, services and moodle courses that meet your needs (e.g. satellite field management systems, demo tools for data visualization on AWS, robotics middleware, customized digitized plant services, precision systems for apiculture, moodle courses for agricultural IoT etc.). Among else, services and processes developed by SMART4ALL beneficiaries (e.g. EPTATHLON, APIARY, DIGIPLANT and MyGROWE) are available.

Not already a member of the SMART4ALL Marketplace?
On this issue, we invite you to take a closer look at Sentinel Hub - EO Browser , an open source service developed by the SMART4LL Digitized Agriculture Task Force and on Cropio Tool.

Sentinel Hub makes satellite data (Sentinels, Landsat and other providers) easily accessible for you to be browsed or analyzed, within our cloud GIS or within your own environment. Get satellite imagery on your table without worrying about synchronization issues, storage, processing, de-compression algorithms, meta-data or sensor bands. 

Cropio is a satellite field management system that facilitates remote monitoring of agricultural land. The System provides real-time updates on current field and crop conditions, determines vegetation levels and identifies problem areas, delivers precise weather forecasts. Cropio application was designed for agronomists and management of agricultural companies. It gives the access to main information about fields, satellite images, status of agricultural works, current weather data, field status reports, etc. Once synced, application could work offline, without Internet access. Also, Cropio application gives ability for agronomists to create reports for their fields (with photos and text notes) that could be synced with Cropio site.

The importance at this phase is that the tool can be provided for free for all the basic Precision Agriculture Services. The cost, if considered necessary to unlock full functionality, is extremely low.

Register for free on the Marketplace to find out more about Sentinel Hub service and Cropio tool.
Digitized Agriculture previous events 
Pre-conference Workshop on AgEng-LAND.TECHNIK 2022 at the ATB Potsdam
In the context of the joined international conference AgEng-LAND.TECHNIK 2022 - that is one of the largest agricultural engineering conferences in the world - organized by the Leibniz Institut for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), SMART4ALL contributed a workshop on in-field robotics and sensor systems (full workshop title: "In-Field Robotics and Sensing: From Vision and Environment Perception to Autonomous Action")

The workshops’ aim was to present the state of technology for agriculture and its applicability, regarding food processing, in-field data collection/robotics and data processing for about 20 participants from a variety of international institutions.

SMART4ALL partners Dr. Boris Antic and Dr. Branko Brkljač from the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, and the postdoctoral researcher Tjark Schütte from ATB presented information from their projects, including their internal Pathfinder Application Experiments, and other research focused on in-field operations like data collection and monitoring (applications of plant monitoring using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and satellite-based remote sensing data, novel RFID sensor technologies, as well as their application in e.g. animal localization via RFID or dry-stress measurement when directly applied to plants)

The full in-field workshop, including presentations and practical coding exercises are available on the SMART4ALL moodle page.
SmAg Tech Expo 2022
Smart4ALL was presented by SMART4LL partner MECOnet at the Smart AgriTechnology EXPO "SmAg Tech Expo 2022" which was held from 23-24th of November online via a virtual booth through which the participants could acquaint themselves with the SMART4ALL 3rd CTTE Open Call funding possibilities as well as the Marketplace services provided by the project. 

SmAG Tech EXPO is the first international virtual EXPO in the Western Balkans region, specializing in Digitized Agriculture and welcoming the top regional experts in this field. SmAG Tech Expo has attracted over 100 students, experts, and numerous big companies and projects from the Western Balkans region. Namely, 35 companies specializing in digitized agriculture and food production, many of which were of international reputation and significance, have presented their products and also acquainted themselves with over 19 European projects, including SMART4ALL. SMART4ALL presented all the gathered parties, including companies and stakeholders its final Open Call (3rd CTTE), and also the opportunities which are being offered and will be offered by the SMART4ALL Marketplace in the future.

Representatives of MECOnet guided all interested parties through the MarketPlace platform, showcasing its features and functions, but also through the application process for the 3rd CTTE Open Call and the possibilities provided through them.

On this event, SMART4ALL made an estimated reach to around 150 people, most of which were representatives of industry (over 35) but also academia, students and SMEs.
Digitized Agriculture success stories 
We are excited that many success stories emerged from the funded projects and we are always happy to share the beneficiaries' achievements. On this issue, we showcase Digiplant, a 2nd KTE winning project, executed by Timac Agro Balkans (Serbia) and GDi in Morth Macedonia, aiming to create customised digitized plant nutrition services that will allow farmers in the SEE to save time, reduce costs and allow daily tasks to be performed faster. Find out more about Digiplant and how the consortium partners have been benefitted from SMART4ALL on the following video and testimonial.
>> You may also find out more about AgriCloud 1st KTE, that is an integrated platform for digitized agriculture based on real time IoT control, monitoring and data analysis, on the SMART4ALL Innovation Space here.
Stay tuned on the Innovation Space for more success stories.
SMART4ALL partners' Digitized Agriculture projects
Vision Technology for Cyber-Physical-Systems in Peri-urban Agriculture (ViTech)
by FTN & MoDrone
As research institution, the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTN) in Novi Sad Serbia has recognized the need for development of custom solutions for efficient, low power, on-the-fly image processing algorithms that will implement CPS novel functionalities (like drones) and bring novel spatial AI approaches in peri-urban agriculture.

On the other hand, MoDrone company from Montenegro has been focused on the development of its own drone fleet with proprietary modules designed to enhance the drone technology up to the 7th generation. MoDrone flight controllers are optimized and equipped with sensors for automatic flight in complex environment and are compatible with platforms owned at FTN.

The technology transfer between these two partners aspires to provide technological basis for further enhancement of drone orientation and positioning in complex environments, such as mountainous regions.

Lidar Assisted Navigation for Agricultural Robots in Vineyards (LANARVi)
by ATB and AgreenCulture
Automated navigation through crops needs to be as precise as possible. The agricultural robot CEOL created by AGREENCULTURE (AGC) autonomously performs mechanical maintenance in vineyards. In order to further improve its robot with LIDAR assisted navigation, Agreenculture bundles its competence in vineyard care with the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (LeibnizATB) which provides great expertise in the field of mapping and crop monitoring.

With LANARVi the research institute LeibnizATB uses its chance to transfer its extensive knowledge and technologies regarding agri- and horticultural LIDAR application into practice.

by REZOS Brands & Dekaplus SA
The PAE executed by Rezos Brands (Greece) and Dekaplus (Cyprus) is implementing a digital training platform, digital courses and training services especially focusing on the use of blockchain technologies in the organic food supply chain. The aim of this project is to support the development of advanced digital skills of people in the labor force, with a focus on SMEs, as well as to job seekers by providing access to high-quality specialized training courses, reflecting the latest developments in the area of Blockchain technologies applied holistically to the Food Supply Chain.
New funding opportunity!
Take a look at AgriTech 2nd Open Call by the EU funded project X2.0 which closes on 6th of June 2023.
Startups: The project will distribute €1.5M in vouchers of up to 30k€ to each startup to pay for external services.

Innovation vouchers to cover:

  • Needs-based growth and scaling services in the max. amount of €20,000
  • 1-on-1 mentorship with experts from the field of need in the min. amount of €5,000
  • Access large-scale startup and investor-oriented events, exhibitions, and fairs in the amount of €5,000

Other Program benefits

  • Corporate Matchmaking and procurement
  • Private Fundraising assistance
  • Custom EU funding and public procurement ecosystem and overview
  • Talent Matchmaking & Job promotion
  • Promotion & Visibility
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