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At the end of the first month of 2024, we are happy to invite you to join us for a review of Digitized Transport news, activities and advancements! Following the Digitized Agriculture newsletter, we're getting back with one more vertical-oriented newsletter.
The innovation potential in digital transformation for all modes of transportation is enormous and SMART4ALL has offered funding, training opportunities and Marketplace services that leverage market penetration for startups, spin offs and spin outs.

Keep on reading to take a trip into SMART4ALL Digitized Transport Community and success stories! 
 Digitized Transport winners
The 3rd round of SMART4ALL Open calls proved to be a great opportunity for Digitized Transport-related experiments, since 6 more projects from this application area were selected - that is double number compared to the projects that received funding under previous rounds.
More precisely, 4 KTEs, 1 FTTE and 1 CTTE digitized transport projects were distinguished among other winners - all of them including at least one partner from SEE countries (in specific Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia).
An amount of 192 K Euros has been allocated  for the execution of these Pathfinder Application Experiments (PAEs).
Discover more on SMART4ALL website about these projects:
Marketplace services & partnership opportunities
Are you ready to explore the constantly expanding SMART4ALL network, the services, tools and open source material available on the project's Marketplace? As a Marketplace user you can easily search for potential partners among 93 members with occupations relevant to the Digitized Transport vertical, using the Matchmaking tool for targeted search.
Additionally, free access to 20 artefacts (e.g. state-of-the art algorithms for real-time pedestrian detection, measurement platform for testing the quality of operation of airport lamps, e-bike IoT Hardware & Mobility Data Platform, IoT asset tracking solution, AI-based blockchain solution for maritime supply chain, energy-optimized methods for drones' path planning etc.) is provided on the Marketplace Repository, by selecting the "Digitized Transport" filter.
Among else, services and processes developed by SMART4ALL beneficiaries are available.

Not already a member of the SMART4ALL Marketplace?
On this issue, we invite you to take a closer look at BOOST - electric scooter fleet developed by SMART4LL 1st CTTE winner RADIUS project, under the collaboration of  the Scientific Research Center (NIS) of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" (Bulgaria), KMB Lab SME (Italy) and VIMAESCO Inversiones Y Consultoria SME (Spain).
RADIUS offers a flexible & easy-to-install e-bike IoT Hardware & Mobility Data Platform. Hardware offers the capability for the majority of e-bikes to be converted into smart & secure e-bikes. Data resulting from integrated sensors can be employed to give insights into urban mobility patterns & riding behaviours as well as bike fleet metrics, and provide geo-specific insights into e-bike use & micromobility patterns.
The solution offered by RADIUS answers to the need of many hospitality operators for autonomous micro-mobility parking and positioning management system. SMART4ALL Marketplace, as one-stop-smart-shop offers KMB Lab the opportunity to showcase this product to a wide audience.
Digitized Transport previous events 
SMART4ALL Special Session on the 2nd Kotor International Maritime Conference (KIMC 2022)
On 29th of November 2022, SMART4ALL organized a Special Session in the context of the 2nd Kotor International Maritime Conference, that was held in Kotor (Montenegro) at the Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor (University of Montenegro).  
Seizing the opportunity to present SMART4ALL and especially success stories related to the maritime sector in front of academic and industrial stakeholders related to the fields of marine engineering, blue growth, marine automation, IT in shipping, maritime management & logistics etc., the agenda of SMART4ALL special session, which was attended by more than 30 persons, included:
  • A keynote speech and a overview of SMART4ALL by professor Nikolaos Voros (co-ordinator of the project, Head of Embedded Systems Design & Applications Laboratory, University of Peloponnese)
  • 3 presentations of SMART4ALL success stories (two of them fall under the Digitized Transport application area).
The special session was recorded and uploaded to SMART4ALL YouTube channel.
SMART4ALL Digitized Transport Special session 
Targeting at vertical-oriented networking with other projects and at showcasing beneficiaries’ achievements, SMART4ALL held a Digitized Transport Special Session, on December 14th, 2023, at the premises of DLR, the German Aerospace Center .
During a three-hour session, seven presentations related to Digitized Transport topics were made, both physically and online, by seven speakers. The session opened with a keynote speech by Mrs. Katharina Quecke-Metzner, representing pro_digital EDIH
On the first session, the floor was given to representatives of other EU funded projects and excellence hubs (XANDAR, METACITIES).
The second session was devoted to showcasing four digitized transport success stories from experiments (one internal, three external) funded by SMART4ALL project.
On behalf of DLR, research scientist Mr. Wanja Zaeske, presented RV4SAH (“Runtime Verification for Safe Autonomy in Hypervisors”) project.
Three funded projects under KTE and FTTE open calls were also presented – namely TUNNLL, which was funded under 2nd KTE and 3rd FTTE open calls, DELTA 3rd KTE and TempSens 2nd FTTE, all related with Digitized Transport.
Digitized Transport success stories 
SMART4ALL offers the opportunity to its beneficiaries to showcase their achievements. One of the means of project advertising is the creation of short animation videos that briefly describe the accomplishments of KTE projects. Two Digitized Transport experiments were selected to be showcased, while, by the end of the project, one more will follow. 
Watch the videos of TUNNLL 2nd KTE and ShipmAInt 3rd KTE projects and learn more about:
  • A next-generation mass transportation system for small towns 
  • The Application of Artificial Intelligence data analytics in the Ship Maintenance Prediction
>> We always value our beneficiaries' opinion and comments on how they have been benefitted by SMART4ALL. Some of their testimonials are presented below 
SMART4ALL partners' Digitized Transport projects
Runtime Verification for Safe Autonomy in Hypervisors (RV4SAH)
by DLR & fentISS
The German Aerospace Center (DLR), as SMART4ALL parnter, collaborated with fentISS to explore the solution space of health-monitoring for hypervisors. They aimed to build a system in which a monitoring partition is capable of inspecting and semantically interpreting a subset of the information transmitted via inter-partition communication in a hypervisor. Based on this data, the health-monitor is expected to understand the system health better, based on the finer granularity of the available data.
The experiment foresaw the development of a tool that automates the integration of the health monitor into an existing system configuration for a reference hypervisor, in this case XtratuM Next Generation. Then, this tool was tried with a demonstrator configuration, to gather first experience with the approach and afterwards feedback was collected, based on the experience of integrating the monitor.
This pushes the state of the art, since ARINC 653 does not foresee any mechanisms that monitors the data exchanged between partitions yet. However, for future black-box autonomous systems, this monitoring capability (also called runtime verification) will be crucial to assure a safe operation.
The experiment was successfully executed, the tool was delivered and FentISS may sell and/or continue the development of the tool.
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