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We are excited to share one more domain-oriented newsletter, devoted, this time, to Digitized Environment and the news and activities related to this application area of SMART4ALL project.
Having finalized our on-site activities in the typical duration of the project, with a successful event in Tirana (Albania) focusing on Digitized Environment & Digitized Agriculture success stories, we invite you to dive into the achievements of SMART4ALL beneficiaries and partners in a domain that requires highly secure and scalable infrastructure and a set of microservices that facilitate the development of the IoT solutions. 

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 Digitized Environment winners
On the 3rd round of SMART4ALL Open calls, consortia that proposed experiments and solutions related to Digitized Environment were selected for funding of 120K Euros in total.
5 KTEs and 1 CTTE including partners from 9 European countries (Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia) were distinguished and successfully executed the following experiments (click to find brief description of each project):
Marketplace services & partnership opportunities
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Among the Marketplace artefacts are included solutions such as: 
  • applications and platforms for mapping air pollution or detecting and classifying pollen allergens
  • pilot cases of low-energy IoT devices with MESH connectivity and PV energy harvesting
  • blockchain applications for energy trading
  • domain specific languages for applications suitable for virtual assistants in smart environments etc.
Below you may discover more about selected artefacts.

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Marketplace artefacts showcase
LoRaWAN Network Services 
The LoRaWAN network of the NOI Techpark is currently managed by Eurac Research ‐ Center for Sensing Solutions*. The network is based on several open-source components, namely the network manager (Chirpstack), the administration web portal (Java Servlet Application), a database (PostgreSQL) for user information storage, and another database (InfluxDB) for the storage of the LoRa packets transmitted over the network. 
Through the administration web portal you can register one or more devices on the network, both commercial or custom. If you are interested is setting up a basic end node using a general purpose microcontroller (Arduino or Pycom), please take a look at the following guide.

* EURAC has gained funding from SMART4ALL as a consortium partner of ERMES 2nd CTTE project.
AIRMAP - Web-based platform for mapping air pollution in urban areas
To have an insight into the degree of air pollution, in the first place in urban areas, it is necessary to constantly measure air pollution and, if possible, we should manage it. 
The information provided by AIRMAP IoT platform that was further developed by the University of East Sarajevo (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) and the Science Technology Park of Čačak, in the context of AIRPOLISCA 2nd KTE, provides unique insights and enables smarter and better decisions to mitigate air pollution in the short run. In the medium run, it is a very powerful tool to define effective and appropriate urban plans to improve air quality.
Additionally, it can be used for identification and categorization zones per air quality. This information is very relevant and can be used by people with respiratory diseases and joggers.  
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Digitized Environment previous events 
ERMES 2nd CTTE project presented on Genova Smart Week 2022
SMART4ALL beneficiaries progressed not only on the technological field, but also on networking and dissemination of their achievements. One characteristic example is that of ERMES 2nd CTTE project - ran by EURAC Research (Italy), CYCLOPOLIS Ltd. (Greece) and Gruppo FOS (Italy) - which was presented on the 8th edition of Genova Smart Week, on November 25th, 2022, by its coordinator, Mr. Harris Siakantaris.
All the various functional, innovative and green technological aspects of the project were presented. ERMES provides the public shared mobility market with a reliable data and information service for smart cities through a low-energy air quality sensor kit that is safely mounted on public micro-mobility fleets. 
Genova Smart Week was confirmed as the leading event in Italy on the topic of "smart city" and saw the involvement of 76 partners and 195 speakers, more than 3500 in-person and remote participants. 
Mr. Siakantaris' presentation of ERMES was recorded and is available on SMART4ALL YouTube channel.
SMART4ALL Digitized Environment & Digitized Agriculture Special session in Tirana (Albania) 
A successful special session on the application domains of Digitized Environment and Digitized Agriculture was held on 23rd of February 2024 in Albania, as final SMART4ALL event. Organized by the Metropolitan University of Tirana (MTU), the session, that took place at the building of Piramida in Tirana, brought together representatives of the local ecosystem of technology of Albania with SMART4ALL beneficiaries from other SouthEast European countries, with vice-ministers, big companies, students and other stakeholders, involved and interested in the application of innovative technologies in the fields of agriculture and environment.
In the context of the event, SMART4ALL coordinator, prof. Nikolaos Voros gave an overview of SMART4ALL and presented the offered services and achievements of the project, emphasizing on the sustainability and the legacy of such an emblematic project that will continue to provide tools for technology and business development through the Marketplace. A more analytical presentation of the Marketplace services was given by the SME Task Force leader, prof. Adrian Besimi from the South East European University.
Two digitized environment projects (BC4GRID and ERMES) and one digitized agriculture (IoT SolTrack), funded by SMART4ALL under open calls for CTTE, as well as the internal experiment ITIEMS coducted by SMART4ALL partner Marseco and College Biznesi were presented attracting the interest and comments of the audience.
Digitized Environment success stories 
From a big list of SMART4ALL-funded projects, we have chosen 4 Digitized Environment pathfinder application experiments that have been visualized by a team of professionals and the communication officers of SMART4ALL.
Showcasing the acievements of our beneficiaries is a priority!

Watch the following videos of TONI-AI, ArtWater, Aspire and MARINARA and get inspired!
>> Check out what SMART4ALL beneficiaries have to say about their experience with experiments execution and the contribution offered by the project 
More testimonials available here
SMART4ALL partners' Digitized Environment projects
IoT Infrastructure for BUilding BATery Twin (BUBATT)
by Sensing & Control SA & NVISION
BUBATT project is about the development of IoT cloud infrastructure for basic, high-capacity battery digital twin development, maintaining cloud costs as reduced as possible, but with enough flexibility for quick development of new services.
The project uses Microsoft Azure technology for the development and deployment of the twin IoT infrastructure. Through the development and implementation of restful API, a framework for the development of the graphical user interface of the digital twin has been created. This framework is used to support the creation of digital twin interfaces that are necessary to support a given battery configuration.
This knowledge transfer project has provided to nVision all necessary tools and procedures for the development of IoT platform/services addressing the needs of renewable energy sector targeted.
Autonomous Water Source Monitoring System (AWSMS)
by Metropolitan University of Tirana & CluBE
Focusing on the vital role of water in agriculture, farming, energy production and tourism and recognizing the need for continuous monitoring with IoT technologies for the prevention of using contaminated water, partners from the Metropolitan University of Tirana collaborated with the Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) to develop  an Autonomous Water Source Monitoring System (AWSMS).
AWSMS is designed to collect water data, transfer it to a data center, and make it accessible to interested third parties. This comprehensive system includes hardware infrastructure (sensing unit and data management unit) and necessary software for driving the infrastructure and processing data. The sensing unit, central to the system, comprises sensors measuring various water parameters, connected to a microcontroller processing unit. This unit collects data from the sensors and utilizes WiFi or 4G technology to transmit it to a data center.
Human-Aware Robot Control (HARC) by UPV & POZYX
HARC (Human Aware Robot Control) is an experiment based on Knowledge transfer between the Polytechnical University of Valencia and POZYX, a Belgian SME, to develop innovative applications of IoT systems and robot control interoperability in industrial environments to improve safety in human-robot interactions and enhance resource efficiency. ​
In this experiment, a novel application of UWB technology has been developed to safely integrate robot control (ROS) information about the human location to facilitate human-robot interaction. At the same time, the location data captured from UWB tags can be registered for offline analysis.
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