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Welcome to the final edition of newsletter series dedicated to exploring the key pillars of SMART4ALL project. Over the past year, we've delved into various aspects of the initiative to provide targeted information, highlighting the progress and achievements made possible through collaborative efforts. In this concluding issue, devoted Digitized Anything application area, we will reflect on our journey, celebrate our milestones, and share insights on the impactful outcomes that underscore the project's success. Thank you for joining us as we wrap up this exciting chapter!

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 Digitized Anything winners
On the 3rd round of SMART4ALL Open calls, consortia that proposed experiments and solutions related to Digitized Anything were selected for funding of 196 K Euros in total.
6 KTEs and 2 FTTEs including partners from 8 European countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine) were distinguished and successfully executed  experiments related mainly with the areas of manufacturing/ automation, smart clothing, e-learning, smart antennas and healthy living. 
5 out of 8 Digitized Anything selected projects have direct or indirect impact on sensitive social groups.
Although on this newsletter projects from all rounds of open calls have been selected to be featured as success stories, on the list below brief descriptions of all 3rd round Digitized Anything PAEs can be found:

Marketplace services & partnership opportunities
A new version of the SMART4ALL Marketplace has been deployed with optimized look and feel, while it is constantly updated with more artefacts and populated by new members. Among a list of 266 artefacts, 184 are related to the Digitized Anything vertical and we kindly invite you to explore them. You may find 65 tools, 26 services and 93 entries with educational material.
If you are interested in finding partners you may search among 772 members (SMEs, research institutes, universities, etc.) with activities that fall under the wide application area of Digitized Anything.
From a high number of artefacts, we've chosen to present the artefacts provided by SMART4ALL partner Red Pitaya and by REMOCLEC, a 2nd CTTE that focuses on creating 
a remote laboratory platform integrating ARM technology and IoT.
Discover more by reading below.
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Marketplace artefacts showcase
Red Pitaya - Multi-Channel Measurements
X-Channel System consists of multiple STEMlab 125-14 devices that are modified and come with synchronization cables and software that supports multi-channel streaming of RF analog and digital, input and output signals from/to client PC.
The hardware used is based on Red Pitaya IoT platform , the hardware of the MASTER units is unmodified and the SLAVE units have minor hardware changes on them to enable the necessary connections. Both have a different and new software specially developed for this purpose.
System consists of multiple Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-14 devices (one MASTER and one or multiple SLAVES), that are synchronized using SATA cables and software that supports multi-channel RF signal acquisition and generation. MASTER STEMlab 125-14 provides clock and triggers to SLAVE STEMlab 125-14 devices over SATA cable. With each added STEMlab 125-14 SLAVE device system gains two additional RF inputs and two additional RF outputs. X-Channel streaming software provides the ability to stream RF analog and digital input and output signals from/to client PC and configure it completely remotely.
X-Channel streaming is suitable for applications that require multiple acquisition or generation channels.
Red Pitaya - Click Shield Additional Modules
The Red Pitaya click shield is a hardware adapter board that enables the Red Pitaya to interface with Click Shield modules from Mikroelektronika. The use of the Red Pitaya Click Shield in combination with the Click Shield modules accelerates the development of product prototypes in fields such as Agriculture, Transport, and Environment applications. Additionally, it serves as a valuable teaching tool for students to learn about sensors, communication interfaces, and other important concepts. One of the outstanding features of the Red Pitaya Click Shield is the ability to synchronize several Red Pitaya units with ultimate timing precision. This makes it an excellent tool for applications where timing accuracy is critical. Moreover, the Red Pitaya click shield is capable of interfacing with up to two Click Boards simultaneously and provides additional power for the connected modules. Overall, the Red Pitaya Click Shield is a powerful and versatile tool that can significantly enhance the development of hardware projects and serves as an excellent educational tool.
All experiments executed by Red Pitaya under different collaborations with Technische Universität Hamburg, Mikroelektronika and Fachhochschule Kärnten, are showcased on short descriptive videos that can be found below. 
ARM-Based CLEC & IoT remote laboratory
The LabsLand - ARM-Based STM32 CLEC & IOT Remote Laboratory Service provides access to a remote laboratory that allows users to access and control STM32-based Nucleo development boards. They are oriented towards education (universities and colleges, but also schools) and training, in courses for the Internet of Things, microcontrollers, embedded systems and programming, or anything that can benefit from accessing real STM32 development boards, online.
The service does not require the purchase of any hardware or equipment. The hardware of the remote laboratories is distributed in universities and other institutions around the world and the service provides online access to this distributed equipment, without having to physically purchase it.


* This laboratory was developed as part of REMOCLEC 2nd CTTE within the context of the SMART4ALL project. It is worth mentioning that LabsLand in collaboration with the University of Deusto (both consortium partners of REMOCLEC) got the Runner Up for the Best Paper Award with REMOCLEC project on 20th REV International Conference on Remote Engineering & Virtual Instrumentation 2023.
Digitized Anything success stories 
From a big list of SMART4ALL-funded projects, we have distinguished 3 Digitized Anything pathfinder application experiments to be featured for their successful implementation and their outstanding performance at scientific and productization level after the experiment execution. 
Highlighting the achievements of our beneficiaries is a top priority!

  • BLETEXT, a winning PAE from the 3rd round of open calls, that offers a low-energy reliable BLE communication for Smart Clothing, has been visualized and promoted on SMART4ALL Innovation Space and through the project's channels and social media. 
  • D-RABBIT 2nd CTTE, focusing on Energy-efficient activity recognition to unlock the potential of sensorimotor training on smart balance boards with IoT, AI and gamification, led to the publication of a paper on IEEE Access journal, presenting the project's results under the title "A Microcontroller-Based Platform for Cognitive Tracking of Sensorimotor Training". SMART4ALL's support is acknowledged on the article.   
  • POP-LEC 2nd FTTE, executed by PCB Design Kft. (Hungary) and NplusT srl  (Italy) has provided an actual product by now, that is an integrated equipment, aiming to improve the CPS/IoT development workflow: to characterize power consumption and to optimize the hardware management algorithms in the early development stage, before building prototypes. POP-LEC saves development cost and primarily, shortens time-to-market. Consortium partners used BarnieMAT - leading memory array data analysis software - which was successfully installed on the High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Center provided by SMART4ALL and supported by the Embedded System Design & Applications Laboratory (ESDA LAB) of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Peloponnese (SMART4ALL leader). An article on this installment was posted with the title "A Case Study of Engineering Analysis of High Volume Production Data" on NPlusT website here. The innovation and impact of POP-LEC on power saving was acknowledged on HiPEAC magazine No 68 - January 2023 (read the full article on the respective section below - page 34).
SMART4ALL partners' Digitized Anything selected projects
BLE IPS - A complete & flexible End-to-End localization platform by the University of Peloponnese & BeSecure
University of Peloponnese (UoP) in cooperation with Be-Secure SME designed and developed a highly extendable, low-cost localization system focusing mainly on indoor environments. This version of the system relies on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as wireless communication medium. The wearable objects use as reference the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) for the position estimation. BLE Indoor Position System (IPS) can be installed with low deployment effort in a plethora of application domains and services. The results are very encouraging, showing that the system can reach up to 30~cm error of the final estimated positions compared to the actual/real position of people/objects. 
IOL-TS - Prototype Time Synchronization Extension for IO-Link by BME & TEConcept
IOL-TS is a pathfinder application experiment done by TEConcept GmbH (Freiburg, Germany) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME, Budapest, Hungary) on developing a proof of concept prototype time synchronization extension for IO-Link. TEConcept GmbH is a leading provider of IO-Link master and device implementations, including reference hardware designs, and master and device software stacks. The demonstrator is built by the modification of TEConcept IO-Link hardware and software products by BME, which has expertise in time synchronization related research and development, and various intellectual properties (software components for time synchronization).
SYNTROFOS - Wearable Health Care Device to Track COVID-19 Symptoms by MECOnet & ProSmart
SYNTROFOS is a wearable device for tracking and processing vital health parameters, enabling the tracking and detection of COVID-19 symptoms. Syntrofos is named after the Greek word σύντροφος, meaning “companion” or “brother-in-arms”, uncovering its basing concept – to provide a companion which will follow the user everywhere, tracking his health parameters in real time and signaling potential threats to his health.
It is based on off-the-shelf sensors and hardware components and can be easy produced in undeveloped countries, in quantities which would enable effective answers to potential pandemics.
Thanks to its elaborate signaling technology, SYNTROFOS can work in different configurations. Firstly as a basic as stand-alone instrument, then as as a node connected to personal gadgets or home network, and finally in a net version, as a node connected to hospital or telemedicine network.  
Highlights of past Digitized Anything events
SMART4ALL Hungarian Workshop 2023 by BME
The SMART4ALL Hungarian Workshop 2023 was organized by BME, on 6th February 2023, as an embedded event of the 2 day long 30th Mini-symposium of BME-MIT, which was the part of the VIK Inference event of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, that targets to the synchronization of the R&D presentation and visibility activities of the Departments of the Faculty. In the workshop, 3 PAEs funded by SMART4ALL (POP-LEC 2nd FTTE, DELTA 3rd KTE and SWGPEN 3rd FTTE) and the internal PAE IOL-TS were presented.
BME also took part and presented the SMART4ALL project and Digitized Anything-related material at the II. Innovation Day and Competence Fair of BME on June 8-9, 2023 organized by BME-FIEK with over 100 participants from the Academia and Industry.
MEDICON & CMBEBIH 2023 in Sarajevo
Invited by Verlab Institute, a beneficiary based in Bosnia & Herzegovina, to contribute to a joint event of two conferences – the 6th Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (MEDICON) and the 5th International Conference on Medical and Biological engineering (CMBEBIH) – which was held on 14-16 September 2023 in Sarajevo, communication officers took the opportunity to organize a SMART4ALL Session in the context of the event to showcase internal and external PAEs' achievements on the fields of digitized health and biomedical engineering.
The session was successful held with 6 PAEs being presented and common fields for future collaborations between SMART4ALL beneficiaries were distinguished.

Particularly, the following presentations were made:

  • FederatedMesh: Collaborative Federated Learning for Medical Data Sharing in Mesh Networks – Mennan Selimi, Associate Professor at South East European University (SEEU)
  • SYNTROFOS: A Wearable Device for Vital Sign and COVID19 Symptoms Monitoring - Jovan Đurković, Research Engineer at MECOnet
  • SE HOF: Sensing Medical Things at the Edge in the Hospital of the Future, Christina (Tanya) Politi, associate professor, Business Developer at Patras Science Park (PSP)
  • FUTURE MD: Capacity building for development of innovative system for prediction of Medical Device performance – Lejla Gurbeta Pokvic, Director at Verlab Institute
  • FAPSA: First Aid Parental Support Application – Milutin Blagojevic, CEO/Co-founder of BOM Solutions
  • D-Rabbit: Deep leaRning for smArt Balance Board sensorImotor Training – Paolo Meloni, Associate Professor at University of Cagliari
Events addressed to DIHs   
28/9/23, 14/12/23, 6/3/24, 21/3/24, 18/4/24
Since September 2023, intense effort was put into networking with (E)DIHs and disseminating the Marketplace services. FBA took the initiative to organize or participate in five relevant events, with the collaboration of UOP, PSP and PRAXI/FORTH. 

1. Webinar “SMART4ALL Opportunities for collaborating with (E)DIHs” – September 28th, 2023
A pivotal online event unfolded as experts from SMART4ALL connected with a diverse group of EDIHs from across Europe. This webinar offered insights into the opportunities for cooperation with SMAR4ALL. 39 representatives of (E)DIHs participated in the event. During the workshop the participants learned about the project and its value proposition to (E)DIHs and discussed together how to make a better use of project outcomes and results. The SMART4ALL partners presented the opportunities and results and learned from the participants what are the assets that can be of higher interest.
2. SMART4ALL participation in the Regional DIHs Workshop of the Regional Cooperation Council – 14/12/23, Podgorica (Montenegro)
The Regional Cooperation Council and FBA brought together key stakeholders from the Western Balkans to delve into the digital innovation landscape of the region. Among the discussions and sessions, SMART4ALL  showcased its developments on DIHs and presented various networking opportunities. SMART4ALL’s Montenegrin representative and Project Manager of MECOnet - Mr. Matija Stojanović - contributed valuable insights on the project and the Marketplace. The event provided a platform for insightful discussions and practical solutions aimed at advancing digital innovation hubs in the Western Balkans. SMART4ALL’s active participation underscored the project's commitment to fostering collaboration and growth in the region.

3. DIHs Day in Sarajevo – 5-6th March 2024, Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
FBA collaborated with EU4DigitalSME project, with the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina & European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with GIZ Bosnia and Herzegovina  and CIVITTA international Collaboratory for the organization of DIH Days, held in Sarajevo. On this event, SMART4ALL technical manager and network coordinator, prof. Christos Antonopoulos, gave a presentation on “Hands-on ecosystem services”, introducing, in front of about 100 participants, the SMARTALL network of DIHs, RTOs and IT providers with a focus on Southern Eastern Europe countries. He shared experience from creating a strong ecosystem of organisations supporting SMEs cross-boarder and some of the challenges to attract stakeholders is the Western Balkans region, offering insightful advice while presenting the SMART4ALL Marketplace tools and services and the hub-in-a-hub network.

4. Webinar SMART4ALL Marketplace showcase for (E)DIHs – 21st March, 2024
The second webinar addressed to (E)DIHs with the purpose of featuring a showcase around the Marketplace  platform and the opportunities and benefits that it offers to DIHs across Europe, was successfully held on March 21st, 2024, hosted by FBA, with the participation of 32 attendees. SMART4ALL technical manager, Christos Antonopoulos, elaborated on the key differentiator of SMART4ALL Marketplace, shedding light on the innovative Hub-in-a-Hub connection services, through a live online demonstration of the Marketplace showing the key functionalities and how to use them. SMART4ALL communication officer, Katerina Lamprakopoulou, highlighted key insights during the webinar regarding the benefits available to (E)DIHs within the SMART4ALL ecosystem. She emphasized the significance of leveraging the SMART4ALL legacy, including its extensive network and open call statistics, to drive support for SMEs in their digital transformation journey. Additionally, she touched upon the SMART4Women network, underlining the importance of inclusivity and diversity within the ecosystem.

DIH Forum 2024 in Sarajevo - 18th April 2024
The SMART4ALL project's participation in the DIH Forum 2024 in Sarajevo, specifically through the PAE Ship-mAInt KTE initiative, played a crucial role in highlighting the collaborative efforts between academia and industry. Mrs. Dusanka Boskovic, Vice Rector of the University of Sarajevo, exemplified how knowledge exchange from academic research to practical industry applications can drive digital innovation forward. Their success in securing EU funding and forming partnerships with prominent research organizations at the EU level within SMART4ALL emphasizes the project's significant contribution to accelerating digital transformation and promoting cross-sector collaboration.
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