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Welcome to the final edition of SMART4ALL newsletter, marking the conclusion of our H2020 project that aimed at reinventing collaboration for boosting technology and business development in South, Eastern and Central Europe. Over the past few years, we have worked diligently to maintain and expand an extensive network of DIHs and offer opportunities (funding, coaching, advertising, matchmaking) and services (through SMART4ALL Marketplace) to accelerate digital transformation and increase digital skills in the industry and academia.
Over the past year, a deliberate decision was taken to issue targeted newsletters for each of the project's verticals: Digitized Agriculture, Digitized Transport, Digitized Environment, Digitized Anything. In this project newsletter edition, we reflect on remarkable achievements and milestones that reveal the impact and legacy of SMART4ALL.

Join us as we:

  • present the network expansion
  • showcase success stories of SMART4ALL beneficiaries 
  • look back on the highlights of major events (including SMART4Women network initiatives)
    Thank you for your support and commitment to making this project a resounding success!

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 4 years SMART4ALL
A comprehensive statistical overview
3rd round of Open Calls winners
On this issue we report the results of the third round of open calls for all types of experiments, with respective indicative references to selected projects which have been visualized. Îśore success stories from all rounds are provided on a different section of the newsletter.
  • 3rd KTE: 18 consortia selected among 36 applications. Find out more about the applications submitted, the geographical distribution and selected projects per application domain here.
  • 3rd FTTE: 4 winning projects distinguished among 79 applications from 25 countries, including at least one partner from SEE countries. Detailed information provided here.
  • 3rd CTTE: 4 consortia were selected from a pool of 79 applications from 26 countries including at least one entity from SEE countries. Discover more about the submitted applications, geographical and domain distribution here.
Watch the following videos presenting indicative PAEs per each type of experiment.
Knowledge Transfer Experiments
Focused Technology Transfer Experiments
Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments
Showcasing innovation and financial impact
Innovation Space
Innovation Space is a highlight in the SMART4ALL Marketplace, showcasing success stories of partners who have benefited from SMART4ALL opportunities. Following some optimizations on the look and feel, 46 PAEs executed by project beneficiaries and by SMART4ALL partners, are presented on the Innovation Space both in text and videos. We kindly invite you to join us on the Marketplace and discover several inspiring, innovative ideas which were developed with the financial and coaching support of SMART4ALL. 
Funding map
With the purpose of demonstrating the financial impact of the project, an interactive map that dynamically presents information about the funding allocation to external PAEs and the number of funded projects per country, indicating with different colors the countries according to either criterion of funding amount or number of projects/ experiments, was developed and integrated in SMART4ALL website and Marketplace. By clicking on the “Funding Map” on either website menu, visitors are directed on a landing page from where they can choose to visit either the map or the tables and charts presenting the KPIs achievements per work package.
Success stories
The list of success stories is big and cannot be restricted to the extent of a newsletter. All internal and external success stories that have been visualized on videos can be found in a playlist on SMART4ALL YouTube channel as well as on the Innovation Space along with descriptive texts. However, for the purposes of this final newsletter, beneficiaries' success stories that indicatively reveal their post-project sustainability thanks to SMART4ALL support have been selected to be showcased here.
SMartY 1st FTTE - IoT Award and collaboration with Amazon
SMartY 1st FTTE partners, SAMMY (Greece) and SparkWorks ITC (UK), won the Golden Award on the IoT Greek Awards in Maritime/ Cargo Handling category in March 2022, a few months after the completion of their project. Another success of SMartY project partners was noted in October 2022, when the Naxos Smart Island pilot project was announced by Amazon, mentioning SAMMY as a contributor to the "smart marinas in Greece and Cyprus" on a relevant white paper under the title "Creating a smart and sustainable island strategy" (p.7).
TUNNLL 's double funding & recognition as local public transport provider
After successful execution of a short-term knowledge transfer experiment (KTE) on the second round of SMART4ALL open calls and exploiting useful advice shared through coaching by SMART4ALL experts, TUNNLL's consortium partners, Tovarna idej (Slovenia) and Skanatek AB (Sweden), were also selected for funding on the 3rd call for FTTEs, being one of the two consortia that submitted competitive winning proposals in more than one open call, to further advance their products. 
In April 2023 and while TUNNLL 3rd FTTE was in progress, a letter of intent was signed by the Municipality of Roznovpod Radhostem (Czech Republic) to operate TUNNLL's service for a limited group of people and to gradually open access to the generic public, recognizing TUNNLL as local public transport provider.
Find out more about the solution that TUNNLL offers on the Digitized Transport area, by watching the following video.
AgriAdapt 2nd FTTE won the Agrobiznis Competition 2023
The AgriAdapt project, funded by SMART4ALL under the 3rd call for FTTEs, made impressive progress and showed tangible results that pave the way for new UAV solutions in precision agriculture that leverage the power of computer vision using regular, less expensive drones for real-time onboard processing. The experiment was executed by the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Computer and Information Science - FRI) in Slovenia and GEO-K in Italia.
Few months later, AgriAdapt project, presented by Dr. Octavian Machidon's team from FRI, was the winner of the Agrobiznis ( Agro Hi-Tech Competition 2023 for the "Best Idea" category.
BC4GRID 3rd CTTE approved for EIT Jumpstarter!
Great news for BC4GRID 3rd CTTE, only a few months after its official completion, by B Solutions (Montenegro), Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences & Arts - MISANU (Serbia) and INCEPTION (Croatia)! The project idea was approved, last week, by EIT Jumpstarter programme, through which they can access a large  innovation network of EIT Communities. BC4GRID idea was selected among 600 applications. This distinction is a proof that SMART4ALL DIH makes significant changes in emerging innovation ecosystems in SEE countries. and reveals its good selection and technical and business mentoring.
Find out more about BC4GRID in the following video.
SMART4Women network activities
Big progress has been made by the SMART4Women network, since its establishment two years ago. Having attracted 95 more members from 21 countries, female professionals from SMART4ALL consortium, have created a promotional flyer, while they were active and present in events' organization and attendance, beginning from a first meeting/ workshop organized in the context of EEN & SMART4ALL Conference & Workshop in Novi Sad.
Among other activities, we distinguish the video created for the celebration of the International Women in Engineering Day 2022 (23rd of June) in the context of the presence at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference and the video created for the 6th Contemporary Women Festival in 9th June 2023 in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Find out more about these activities on the links below.
Highlights from major past events
EEN & SMART4ALL Conference & Workhop - 6-7th July, 2022, Novi Sad (Serbia)
On July 6th – 7th, 2022 in Novi Sad (Serbia), one of the biggest, well-attended and productive events of SMART4ALL project was held, under the collaboration of FTN with EEN Serbia, attracting almost 100 participants. In the context of the event, 8 sessions were held including a pitching event, a SMART4Women workshop and vertical-oriented parallel sessions. The full program of the conference and workshop is presented on the table below.
SMART4ALL Workshop on HiPEAC Conference 2023 - 18th January, 2023, Toulouse (France)
Following two successful workshops in 2021 and 2022, SMART4ALL was present, for third consecutive year, at HiPEAC Conference in 2023, organizing a SMART4ALL workshop on “Capacity building among European stakeholders”. Leveraging the opportunity to make the project visible in a conference organized by the collaborating network of more than 2.000 world-class computing systems researchers, industry representatives and students, TUD, UOP and PSP synchronized for the organization of this workshop which took place in Toulouse (France) on January 18th 2023.
With a full agenda of 11 presentations by the technical managers of the project, the communication officer, 3 SMART4ALL partners (BME, DLR, Red Pitaya), 4 SMART4ALL beneficiaries and a keynote speaker – innovation and internationalization advisor from EEN Serbia - the workshop achieved to draw attention to the SMART4ALL Marketplace as a unique selling point, to a step-by-step approach towards self-sustainability based on lessons from other SAE projects, as well as to technical presentations.

2nd SMART4ALL Joint Workshop with other DIHs & SAE Initiatives – 27th February 2023, Podgorica (Montenegro)
A milestone event of SMART4ALL project was successfully held on February 27th, 2023 in Podgorica (Montenegro), at UpBeat Hub, by MECOnet. The 2nd Joint Workshop with other DIHs & SAE Initiatives, which was offered for both on-site and online participation, brought together SMART4ALL partners with representatives of initiatives that, among else, foster DIHs, enhance entrepreneurial spirit across Europe and support the development of start-up innovative solutions.
Over 50 attendees (students, representatives of start-ups, NGOs, academics and commercial entities) were attracted to the workshop which had an agenda full of interesting presentations in English and local language.

Embedded World Exhibition & Conference - 14-16 March, 2023, Nuremberg (Germany)
SMART4ALL partners (UOP, PSP, BTU and AVN) participated in the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference 2023, at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg, hosted on an exhibitor’s booth at the start-up area of the exhibition. The event, which is one of the biggest electronics shows in Europe and a prestigious global event for the embedded community, was held between March 14-16, 2023. Over 950 exhibitors from 44 countries presented their product innovations and solutions at the event, while more than 27.000 people with relevant interest visited the exhibition. In this event, SMART4ALL partners developed valuable contacts from around the world, offering solutions to startups and bigger companies focusing on Marketplace services and on showcasing success stories, through distribution of printed project dissemination material, PAEs’ videos displays and one-in-one meetings.
In the context of the event, a pitching event for start-ups was organized on the first day and the project coordinator, prof. Nikolaos Voros, was invited for a short pitch, presenting SMART4ALL achievements, network and Marketplace, before a targeted audience. Professor Voros also attended the Embedded World Awards ceremony, having participated as a jury member on the evaluation of nominees’ proposals.
Interested in more information and material regarding SMART4ALL services? We suggest that you take a look into: the Marketplace flyer, SMART4ALL Toolkit for DIHs and project white paper reflecting on Task Forces' activities, achievemnts and impact.
Thank you for joining us on the last edition of SMART4ALL project newsletter! 
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